Our Team

Our Team consists of specifically selected individuals that are not only passionate about what they do, but who they do it for. Technically, we are a cut above the rest and understand not only your needs, but how to fully achieve the best results for you.

To get in contact with any of us, please click on the names below to drop us a quick email! We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Managing Director Small Laboratory Manager
Adam John
Service Manager Fertility Specialist
Sheldon Robin
Training Senior New Business Manager
Bronwyn Benita
Operations Manager Warehouse Manager
Bryan Lavious
Laboratory Division – KZN Laboratory Division – National
Niren Simba
Sales Representative Sales Administrator
Shireen Kgomotso
Administrator Administrator
Jenny Lorna
Our Founder
Keith Dodkins
20th September 1957 – 24th June 2021
Now passed, but never forgotten… Keith Dodkins, our Founder, will always be a part of the team as his commitment to care and to the industry will always be present and celebrated in the business. Keith loved wildlife, diagnostics, swimming and climbing mountains, he was an absolute legend and KAT Medical is what it is because of him.