About Us

What we are all about

Kat Medical is a dynamic, enthusiastic and professional organisation which is committed to customer care in every aspect of its business.

“Committed to Care” is our motto and this commitment to our customers ensures that all our suppliers are also well represented, which assists them in being able to build their own brand and market share more effortlessly in this extremely competitive market.

With all the above being said, a company is only as good as the people who work for it as well as their commitment to its success. We have a talented team of well-educated and highly trained staff to ensure all the needs of our customers are met and then some.

Continual staff training enhances our ability to represent our suppliers effectively and provide the best advice to our customers. Internal training and discussions on how to improve ourselves occur on a weekly basis, so that we are always up-to-date, informed and aware of new and relevant developments and product optimisation in the industry. Knowledge is power, and that is what we bring to the table when you align your business and products with us.

Our History

KAT Medical was founded in 1996 by Keith Dodkins, a trained Medical Technologist. But why KAT? The evolution of the name is an interesting one… Keith was an animal lover and a family man at heart and ideally his company name should represent both. Keith is the `K` in KAT Medical and his two, now adult, children, Adam and Tracey, are the `A` and `T` respectively. ‘Kat’ is Afrikaans for the English word ‘Cat’; hence the mascot being a Caracal, an animal Keith was always honoured to be associated with.

We care…

As the Caracal makes up part of our logo and following on from Keith’s passion for animals, we are currently partnering with wildlife cat rescue centres and want to adopt a caracal for every analyser we sell.

KAT Medical Today…

KAT Medical is now 16 strong and has grown in all the right directions. The team is comprised of the following: 10 sales representatives, 3 service engineers and 5 efficient individuals make up the administration.

A strong emphasis on training, service and support ensures that our installed base of instrumentation is always functional and can be relied upon. This in turn positively enhances the reputation of our Suppliers’ manufacturing brands.

We cover the whole of South Africa with clients also situated in the SADAC regions. Our local team understand the local conditions putting them in a favourable position to look after your needs as we pride ourselves on close relationships built by our team with our clients in these respective areas. This safeguards our understanding of your requirements and our ability to respond efficiently and effortlessly to all your queries.

Our Partners

KAT Medical covers all laboratory departments in partnership with our valued suppliers:

Stago | Alifax | Quotient BD | Vitrolife | Nidacon | Cormay | Orphee | Opti Medical | Agappe | Veda Lab | Yhlo | Accumax | BPL

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but it outlines the fact that if you need it, we can supply it!

What we do best:

  • Supply laboratory equipment
  • Supply laboratory reagents
  • Service and maintain laboratory equipment
  • Supply specialised tests to laboratories
  • Medical Devices
  • Provide in-house training for laboratories