A leader in urinalysis and over 30 years of experience in urine testing, Analyticon have a solution for any laboratory doing urinalysis testing. Their urine strips and analysers offer safe, reliable results.


  • Urilyzer 100 pro
  • Combiscan 500
  • Combiscan XL
  • Urilyzer Auto
  • Urilyzer SED
  • Urilyzer DUO

Easy, clean and safe automatic start of measurement by strip detection that can perform up to 120 tests per hour in fast mode.

Combining urine chemistry and urine sediment using a bridge solution called UriTrail and offering high quality imaging results including automated identification.

Urilyzer DUO Analyser

Urine Strips

Modern, easy and cost-efficient urine diagnosis with Analyticon urine test strips offers a modern medical aid, which allows a simple, uncomplicated manner to test urine.

Their high quality strips offer an added parameter in Ascorbic acid, better known as Vitamin C, which is ingested mainly through food and nutritional supplements. Most of it is excreted unaltered in the urine again. For this reason a high percentage of the population shows a clearly increased Ascorbic acid level in the urine.

This results in lowered or even false negative results of the blood and glucose pads with many urine test strips on the market.

Analyticons’ Combi-Screen ® PLUS test strip offers a considerable higher reliability due to its integrated ascorbic acid protection system.

Urine strips