We are excited to introduce OLO: a CBC analyser that is easy to install and easy to operate at the Point-of-Care. The First lab-grade complete blood count analyser, with 5-part differential, truly designed for Point-of-Care.

Many common tests have made the transition to Point-of-Care testing. Performing CBC testing at the Point-of-Care setting, requires a fundamental technological breakthrough. OLO provides the full menu of CBC test results, including 5-part differential and an advanced flagging system. OLO’s results match best-in-class laboratory equipment, and the actionable results are guaranteed by the proprietary Failsafe system. A sample is obtained from a single fingerpick which allows for quick and less invasive testing. Cutting edge digital Microscopy and AI, a technological departure from Flow cytometry. OLO captures 6GB of data per test to ensure best-in-class specialised results.Hero_olo-1

OLO can be used in a multitude of clinical settings due to a number of unique features:

  • No operator calibration or QC required
  • Reagent FREE instrument
  • Minimal training
  • LIS integration
  • Remote servicing
  • ONLY FDA cleared system for fingerpick sampling
  • Only 3 drops of blood required

OLO, your answer to real-time Point-of-Care testing for better, faster diagnostic decision making and overall better patient experience.

Our Point of Care Easy Reader from Veda Lab allows quantitative measurements from finger prick whole blood samples using rapid lateral flow tests. The instrument includes the most advanced and up-to-date technologies (touch screen, enhanced memory, internet upgrading…) and offers excellent results specifically for:easy_reader_poc

  • Cardiac markers
  • Thyroid function
  • Male and Female hormones
  • With over 40 quantitative rapid tests

Easy to use and a must for any laboratory.