Medical Technology – Imaging

BPL Medical Technologies

Synonymous with trust, BPL’s products and systems are certified by national and international quality standards and adhere to safety regulations. With their commitment combined with ours to you, our clients, we help you experience uncompromised quality products that benefit patient care.

BPL C-Ray Prime

  • Crafted for enhanced user experience
  • Ergonomic Touch Panel
  • Digital Preview Collimation
  • Real-time Image Management
  • Real-Time Heat Monitoring
  • Live Fluoro
  • Advanced Laser Aimer
  • BPL Catalogue – CRAY Prime


  • Digital Video Colposcope
  • Enabling precise examinations
  • Superior Image quality and advanced options
  • LED Lighting
  • Test timer
  • User-friendly operations
  • Green filter
  • Colposcope Brochure

BPL EVS Series – Digital Flat Panel Detectors

  • The innovative digital X-Ray solution suits multiple diagnostic environments with different needs.
  • Excellent image quality using direct deposited Csl
  • Ultimate sharp images by TRUEVIEW┬« ART
  • Instant upgrade to digital mobile X-ray system
  • Patient dose reduction with reliable Lossless AED
  • High resistance to impact and vibration
  • Lightweight and durable design for portable applications