Teaming up with Orphee Medical and Alifax, we are able to provide you with a choice of analysers to suit your specific needs.

In the Orphee Medical range we have the 18 and 22 parameter haematology analysers. These two analysers offer a fully automated solution to perform your tests.

Our Alifax ESR analysers range are the only ones capable to provide results in 20 seconds by measuring red blood cells aggregation. For more information regarding our Alifax analysers, download our Alifax ESR Brochure.

Orphee Medical Mythic 60 Analyser

  • 28 Parameters
  • 60 Tests per Hour
  • 5-DIFF Haematology Analyser

Orphee Medical Mythic 22 Analyser

Orphee Medical Mythic 18 Analyser

Alifax Test 1 Analyser

  • Results in 20 seconds
  • 175 μl EDTA blood sample per test
  • Only 800 μl sample requested in the tube
  • Capacity up to 60 samples
  • Direct loading of CBC racks
  • Throughput up to 150 samples/hour
  • Internal bar code reader
  • Bidirectional connection to LIS

Alifax Roller 20MC Analyser

  • Manual Sampling
  • Only 30 μl EDTA blood sample
  • LCD touch screen
  • User-friendly software
  • External barcode reader

Alifax Roller 20LC Analyser

  • Automatic sampling
  • 175 μl EDTA blood sample per test
  • 800 μl sample requested in the tube
  • 18 samples
  • Simplified needle replacement
  • Automated washing

Alifax Roller 20PN Analyser

  • Double circuit for automatic and manual sampling
  • Internal rotor with 20 positions
  • 175 μl EDTA blood sample automated withdrawal per test
  • 100 μl sample requested in the tube for manual withdrawal
  • LCD touch screen
  • User-friendly software
  • Automatic washing system
  • External barcode reader

Alifax JO-PLUS Analyser

JO-PLUS is conceived for mega laboratories with high routine volumes equipped with Laboratory Automation System (LAS)

  • Total Laboratory Automation
  • JO-PLUS is based on the same Test 1 family technology
  • 120 samples processed in about 1 hour
  • 175 μl EDTA blood sample per test
  • Results available in 30 seconds

Alifax Latex Controls

Three control levels with limited acceptability ranges to guarantee:

  • Precision
  • Accuracy
  • Repeatability

Since the phenomenon of erythrocyte sedimentation is confined to fresh blood and is transient, quality control procedures are based on the comparison of the results with the reference method performed on fresh samples.
According to these remarks, the traditional control materials are not able to reproduce correctly the phenomenon.
The Latex Control kits are based on three samples with known LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH values with limited acceptability ranges.