We, in partnership with our global partners offer quality reagents and instrumentation that suits every laboratory. Our engineers are skilled and factory trained and we do our best to ensure our warehouse holds sufficient stock of all chemistry reagents.

ES-200 Automated Chemistry Analyser

  • Efficient – constant 200 tests per hour with double reagent
  • 80 reagent positions
  • Operationally efficient – Automated testing and reduced maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • ES-200 Brochure

Point-of-care Chemistry

Our fantastic range of point-of-care chemistry equipment allows every laboratory and clinician to perform daily chemistry tests without the high costs that are typically involved.

  • Exias E|1 Analyser
  • Mispa i3
  • Mispa i2

Exias E|1 Analyser – Electrolyte System

  • In-vitro measurements of Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca2+, pH & Hct, in whole blood, serum & plasma
  • Complete ISE Analyser
  • On Board QC
  • 25 seconds to result
  • High accuracy, ease of use and a maintenance free system
  • Well suited for both point-of-care environment and laboratory
  • Exias E|1 Analyser Brochure

MISPA i3 – Specific protein analyser

MISPA i2 – Specific protein analyser