SAIS Conference – June 2019

“It gave us great pleasure to participate in the 7th SAIS Conference held at the Gateway Hotel in Umhlanga, 17-20 June 2019. The theme for the conference was “Synergy in Immunology” with the aim of developing and enhancing collaborations amongst healthcare professionals in the field of medical immunology including scientists, clinicians and international experts. The 2019 conference included sessions on Tuberculosis, HIV, Oncology, Vaccinology, Tolerance as well as Allergy and a Clinical Immunology session and an education session with focus on diagnostics.

The congress started off with a pre-congress workshop entitled ,Immunology 101, which was a comprehensive course, taught by National experts. The aim was to provide an overview of the basics of immunology.

This workshop was suitable for students new to the world of Immunology, as a refresher to those seeking more information to complement current knowledge or to enable attendees of the conference to achieve maximum benefit from the diverse aspects of immunology covered in the conference. It provided the synergy between the basic sciences and research or clinical applications.

Partner companies demonstrated by KAT Laboratory and Medical were, Virion/Serion, a German manufacturer of a wide range of ELISA kits, CFT reagents and automation and YHLO, a Chinese manufacturer of automated Elisa and CLIA analysers.

The YHLO Union provides a unique solution to laboratories for those low volume tests by offering a pre-filled, single test cartridge to perform a wide variety of tests, ranging from autoimmune assays, hormones & infectious diseases. The principle of analysis is based on Elisa technology, and allows the user to run anything from one to 30 tests to be run at a time.

The YHLO iFlash range of immunology analysers provides a medium & high volume solution to the laboratory and is based on the more preferred chemiluminescence technology. The iFlash analysers offer a full compliment of assays, ranging from hormones, fertility profiles, autoimmune assays & infectious diseases to the laboratory.

KAT Medical offer a full range of solutions for all immunology laboratories and research sites and allowed all the congress attendees to witness the dedication and devotion KAT Medical offers to the immunology sector.”

– Robin McCulloch (Fertility Specialist) and Shawn Duke (Technical Manager)